Inspirational Life Coaching From an Original Gangster!

Welcome to the 20th edition of “Limping on Cloud 9.” Today we chronicle a memorable time in 1999, when I lunched with and befriended an Original Gangster. ¬†Film director Steve Anderson (South Central) introduced me.

I’ve also attached the “official trailer” from Steve Anderson’s film, “South Central.” Steve passed away on May 1, 2015. May he rest in peace. Thank you for lending me your eyes and ears!

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  1. Hammad, I know nothing about your professional life. We met under totally non-professional circumstances and at that time I thoroughly enjoyed our conversations about almost everything except work. I enjoyed this podcast as you again have done a wonderful job weaving a life experience into your life and now mine. These experiences have obviously made you who you are and conversely who you are, has made the experience. I look forward to listening to many more podcasts.

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