How Those With Less Teach Us More

As we gear up for a slew of new episodes, I wanted to release some of my favorites so far. This episode chronicles how a trip to Guatemala gave me perspective on life. As always, we thank you for lending us your ears and eyes!

I’ve also attached an inspirational video about Ezra Frech, a young boy who overcomes his physical disability to thrive at sports.

Jumping Over Hurdles and into Self Confidence

Happy 4th of July, everybody! On this day of our country’s independence, I wanted to share a key moment of my personal independence.

During seventh grade, I was challenged with jumping hurdles in P.E. class, not the easiest thing to do when only 1/2 of my limbs are able…

As always, we thank you for lending us your ears and eyes.

I’ve also attached a funny video on regular people attempting to do hurdles.

Two Lies, a Trailer Park, and My First Internet Date!

For those of you who just spent one weekend night going on a less than desirable internet date, rest assured that your experience was likely better than my first internet date, which occurred in early March 1997. Thank You kindly for lending us your ears and eyes.

Here’s a great “first date” scene from the film, “The Invention of Lying” (Jennifer Garner & Ricky Gervais).