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Radio Waves!

Here’s my journey to getting onto the radio waves. As always, we thank you for lending us your ears and eyes. Here’s the high school radio station that I never made the cut for. Here’s a few clips for WRRC 107.7 FM at Rider College, which was the first radio […]

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Ripper Man, Chuck Norris’ Car, and Me!

Today’s podcast chronicles the film promo I worked on the untimely convinced me to apply to graduate school! Thank you for lending me your ears and eyes! Here’s a clip from the film, “Ripper Man.” Here are some of Chuck Norris’ best fight scenes.

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412 Resumes & My First Job in Film

Today’s podcast chronicles Hammad’s adventures on the first motion picture he ever worked on. The clips below are of the trailer for “Me and the Kid,” the first film Hammad ever worked on, as well as some amazing clips from other work from the actors in the film. As Always, […]

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